Access Control

Monitoring and controlling the entry of persons into premises can be managed efficiently by the Access Control System.

These are very useful devices for high security areas like MD Room, Computer Rooms. Cash / Records / Strong Rooms, Generator Rooms, Telephone Exchanges etc.

It is done by means of a Numerical Keypad wherein on entering a Security code the electrical door latch can be released, allowing the authorized person to enter. There are also Swipe Card Readers which uses the Magnetic Swipe Cards to gain entry.

The Proximity Readers uses the RF (Radio Frequency) Cards which would actuate the door latch, on bringing the proximity Cards closer to the reader. There is also very high security Access Control Systems using the Finger Print Scanners or Biometric Readers.

This doesn't compromise on anything, only the authorized person whose finger prints are already stored and are matched while making an entry, is allowed an entry.

Using the Attendance Software the collected data is processed and various reports taken for payroll and other management requirements. Card based and Finger print Biometric Readers can also be supplied.