Burglar Alarm

We have the latest technology Intruder/Burglar Alarm System and a variety of sensors and detectors. Most of these systems are imports from global leaders in the field of security. These Burglar/Intruder alarm systems are quite essential these days for bungalows, flats, shopping complexes, industries, mills, warehouses, hospitals, computer rooms, cash sections, record rooms, temples and any other areas that need to be protected.

Most of these systems are Microprocessor controlled and consist of various sensors which are strategically installed at the vulnerable points of intrusion. Once the system is “ARMED”, the entire premise is safe and well secured by the system. In case of power failure, the rechargeable battery inside the unit would support the system for about eight to ten hours. If any of the sensors is actuated by any intrusion or tampering, it would immediately trigger an alarm.

We also have Automatic Telephone Dialers optionally built in to the system that would dial 45 pre-programmed telephone numbers and convey an emergency message over the phone some of the latest Alarm Control Panels also allow themselves to be operated over the telephone line remotely. Flood lights can also be connected to be switched “ON” in the compound or the Surveillance Cameras to the monitor and record any incidents which may occur in places where no one is available.

For already constructed bungalows, we can install Wireless Alarm Systems which do not need any chipping or conduiting work on the walls for cabling. We can also provide wireless pendant type panic actuators for the security guard personnel to operate the alarm sirens, in case if they are attacked.