Perimeter Protection

In the heart of every home security system lays trust, trust that the system is going to work when you really need it.

Since each residence or enterprises are disparate we believe that is important the security system is adapted in particularities of each place and in the needs of it cover area.

The points that should be protected vary from property to property and the security system should be designed to correspond to the needs and the priorities of owners.

The most important function of home security system isn't to protect loss of property, but to protect the lives and safety of the people at home.

In a big industry priority in safety has an integrated perimeter protection, a surveillance system as well as a sub system of fire detection, while in a company of information technologies priority has a system of access control and communications.

A VIP residence will need a perimeter protection system that however will not give a false alarm from small animals and weather conditions.

Criterion in the designing of reliable security system should not be the desire of the salesman but exclusively and only the particular needs and wishes of customer.

The designing should not leave empty points of cover. The customer should be informed for the type and the quality of materials, so by himself could select the appliances that will be used.