Automatic Gate

Automatic Door installation is one of the easiest and fastest, as the motor bay and programming completely performed through an external digital selector switch.

The automatic door opener enables intensive use together with a very low degree of noise. In an emergency the escape route is guaranteed by a breakout anti-panic device. Encoder technology guarantees maximum precision during movement and safety is ensured by a special anti-crush device. A battery kit allows the door to be operated even if no power supply is available. It is in compliance with the latest Safety Normatives.

  • Built-in backup battery for power fall operation
  • Single/Dual gate available with auto-close & delay adjustment
  • Two kinds of reduced speed for soft stop
  • Operate with RF Remote, IR Sensor or 12V DC Electric Latch
  • Adjustable over-current projection
  • 3 different waiting time can be chosen during auto close
  • Low voltage protection to avoid battery damage