Security Guard Monitoring

This system called “TIME STAMP” handles all your security needs and simplifies Security Personnel supervision duties. When the supervisor or the security officer is not around, the system is always on the job. TIME STAMP is a device which gives you peace of mind for 24 hours a day. It is a highly advance and most affordable electronics vigilance system. It takes care of teething problems like security guard not patrolling at regular intervals, sleeping at night, tampering with mechanical clock device which may result in loss of material or information and an open invitation to thefts and robberies.

Wake up call for security guards Time-Stamp is an ingenious yet easy to use instrument that records the actual working hours of duty performed by Security Personnel. Time-Stamp is a rugged, compact neatly assembled powerful, stand-alone device, with a battery life of upto 2-3 years eliminating all maintenance worries. It can easily be mounted on walls, at convenient intervals, depending upon the area to be surveyed.

Weather-Proof, Tamper-Proof, Risk-Proof, Time-Stamp can be simply operated by any security guard. All he has to do is, touch the token on the unit and it will automatically record his code, time and location details on his token. This data can be downloaded to generate various Reports. At the end of the shift, the data can be downloaded to a PC from the portable unit and various reports can be generated.